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Tropical Fish

Here at Pawsitively4pets we offer home bred fish from African lakes: Tanganyika and Malawi. 
This has been a passion for many many years. We have 7 tanks at the moment. All the fish comes either from wild or  they are so called 'F1'  - which means they are first generation after wild parents. We breed them succesfully and fry/juveniles are regularly available for sale. I will try to keep this updated but if you are interested please contact me regarding current stock. All fish I sell are first class in health, fed with the best food available on the market. 

Our Tanganyika tank 700 liters:

Petrochromis Yellow Moshi
Tropheus Moliro 'firecracker'
Tropheus Duboisi Maswa
Eretmodus cyyanostictus

Our Malawi tank 350 liters: 

Lodotropheus Sprengerae 'rusty'
Pseodotropheus Socolofi albinos
Labidochromis caraleus