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Royal Canin Puppy / Junior

Your puppy's first meals
Owning a pet comes with great responsibilty and often this starts with making sure their dietry needs are suitably catered for. What can you do?
  • Ask what your puppy is eating before you take them home
  • Keep them on that for a week or so before you change it
  • Remember, most importantly feeding puppies is that their digestive systems are still developing. They are prone to upset tummies. 
  • Feed them little and often and perhaps try an ultra-digestible food designed for puppies 
  • Make sure you get guidance on daily feed quantity, specific to your puppies needs (the pack should let you how much)
  • Feed them 3 -4 meals at regular intervals, so their tummies don’t get overloaded.
  • At 6 months, you can take them down to 2 or 3 meals per day.
  • Supervised feeding of your puppy is always recommended.