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Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes

Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle                              

Specially designed around busy lifestyles, whilst maintaining comfort, safety and wellbeing of pets at home and on the move.

Offering unparalleled versatility available in three sizes and in six funky color combinations to suit a variety of pets.

PetzPodz includes a unique access feature making maintenance easy and hassle free. Unlike some pet homes available PetzPodz require no assembly and are ready for use the minute you take them out of the box!

PetzPodz are made using UV stabilized molded plastic to ensure many years of fade free use!

Ventilation via air vents and drainage holes in the base for air circulation and easy cleaning.

PetzPodz are double wall insulated to ensure petz are kept cosy in the winter and cool during summer.

Specially designed security clips for ease of use.

Sizes available:

  • Medium L803 x W824 X H687mm
  • Large L966 x W994 x H820mm
Product details:

yes Tried, Tested, Recommended & Used Daily by Rescues, Vets and Behavioral specialists

yes Creates a  unique "Den" environment to help calm and de-stress your Dog or Puppy

yes Made in the UK and built to last a life time

yes No assembly required

yes Includes a FREE & EXCLUSIVE step by step training guide by The Behaviour Company

Why use a PetzPodz instead of a cage/crate for essential house training?

A PetzPodz helps address many of the problems that cause stress and anxiety to pets and their owners. They serve a useful purpose to prevent and rectify problems associated with destructive behavior and fear of strangers or wide open spaces. They help with house training, with visitors who are afraid of dogs and of course when traveling.

Some people will say that they believe that this sort of training can be cruel....Well, this is not the case for dogs who are by species 'den' animals. Just look at where they want to spend most of their sleep and relaxation time - under the table, tucked in the corner of a room. In the wild, wolves and wild dogs are known to burrow holes to sleep... basically dogs like to feel safe and secure when sleeping and have somewhere they can be alone. A PetzPodz is able to provide this safe and insulated haven.

Where should I put my PetzPodz?

The best places for your PetzPodz is in the corner of rooms, away from direct sunlight, draft are not too much of an issue as they are dual wall insulated, Dogs like to be near their pack (which is you), so locate the crate where your dog can see and hear you. It's a good idea for the Petzpodz to be your dog's only bed.

When should PetzPodz training start?

It is best to start crate training when your dog is still a puppy. That's not to say you cannot train an older dog, it just takes a little longer.

How long should I use my PetzPodz cage front for?

Plan to use the cage front until the puppy is ten or twelve months old, well past the chewing stage. You will not need to continue using the cage front once your dog becomes an adult (and is trustworthy), but your dog will probably enjoy the continued use of their PetzPodz as its own special place.

PetzPodz are not just for puppies, they are also a valuable tool to help solve behavioral problems in adolescent and more mature dogs. Acclimatizing older dogs can be slighly more time consuming if there has been no history of training.

Included in the puppy pack:

1 x PetzPodz (in chosen colour and size)
1 x PetzBedz (matching the PetzPodz)
1 x cage front grill

Medium Yellow
Large Green
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Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes
Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes Petz Podz Puppy Pack Bundle, various colours/2 sizes

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Reviewer: Eva Edinburgh   5 Stars

Great bundle! Arrived quickly. Will last forever solid construction. Great for inside or outside a house. Cheers