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Eukanuba Senior / Mature Dog

Your senior dog has been going many extra miles by your side. Make sure there are no limits in his life with a premium nutrition that satisfies all his needs. Eukanuba Mature & Senior Dry Dog Food is formulated with optimal levels of Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene to support the natural defences of your aging dog so he can continue to take on new challenges – every day. Since small breed dogs have a higher metabolism and a smaller stomach than larger breeds they burn more calories – and the right nutrition will help them perform just as extraordinary. Eukanuba Mature & Senior Dry Dog Food contains 8% more protein and 20% more fat to give your small dog the energy he needs to stay a great dog. Prebiotics and clinically proven beet pulp support your dog’s digestive health and nutrient absorption. In addition, chicken is our primary source of protein to give carnivorous dogs a natural element so they can build and maintain strong, lean muscles and calcium supports strong bones to stay athletic and active. Since you want your wingman to not only stay great on the inside but show that he’s proud and extraordinary on the outside as well, this senior dog food contains an optimal ratio of omega-6 and -3 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and radiant coat while they also help to reduce shedding by up to 80%. Eukanuba Mature & Senior Dog Food uses 3D DentaDefense technology, which cleans your dog’s teeth with every bite, reduces tartar build-up by up to 80% and helps your senior dog maintain strong teeth.