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In general terms these species need a diet of seed and water. This actually means blends of different appropriate seeds such as canary seed, white milletseed, black rapeseed, linseed and hempseed, all of which contain proportions of the necessary nutrients and oils. But not only is it critical for the proportions and blends to be right, but that all these food stuffs are of the best quality, and are thoroughly clean, without muck, chaff, and other detrimental rubbish. With the right food and care, birds can live for many years (the record in Finches, we think, is 27 years, but the average is some 5-10 years).

Should we also feed some fresh fruits and vegetables? Most breeders think so, partly because of the nutritional benefit, and partly because of the entertainment value. One Canary breeder we know uses hard boiled eggs, apples and oranges, and has found that Kiwi, pumpkin, tomatoes, kale and asparagus are fine. For Budgerigars, try broccoli and cauliflower leaves, cabbage, and edible flowers (but not the leaves).

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