Getting better (and busier) all the time…

Few last weeks were very intensive in our ‘Pawsitively4pets’ family…

We started cooperating with many manufacturers and we’re able to offer very attractive products at very competitive prices ranging from pet food through pet clothes, cages and which we’re particularly proud of – dog/cats beds. We’re official supplier of market leader – Gorpets mainly known from fantastic quality beds, duvets, cushions and clothes for dogs/cats. We can proudly offer prices as low as huge selling brands like ‘pets at home’ providing often even better deals. Just have a quick look here:

gorpets manhatan


And amazing range of scratch posts:

Also we supply beautifully finished faux leather dog beds manufactured locally – also in Northamptonshire. Fantastic finished, stylish design and surprisingly not very expensive:–wells-oxford-ll-leather-dog-bed-blackchestnut-4391-p.asp


And another cracker great bed from Gadsby – manufacturer of high quality wicker products:–cushion-4188-p.asp

There’s so much more…Now we’re concentrating on Birds/Parrots and small animal cages/hutches (Liberta, Rainforest, Riviera). Just have a look:

parrot cages:


or poultry:

and small animals: cages and hutches

I could go on and on…but need to go to check on my newly born SON!!! Yes – we’ve got third boy born last Sunday 🙂 Happy days!!! (and sleepless nights..)

so long!




Our shop is open…


That was intensive 2 weeks…Shop is in fully operational mode. We have decided to give it a go and set everything up before our 3rd child is born! Yeah, many ‘balls in the air’ as they say…

Anyway, the idea is to serve first of all local market with free delivery. Working on veeeery small margin to find repeat orders and be attractive pricewise. Also we can ship nationwide. We found fantastic suppliers offering virtually everything whatever is needed for a pet.